Second Second

by Wind Does

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Video of the first performance:

In Early 2013 Luke was contacted to compete in a local Battle of the Bands. Battles are inherently terrible things, as their main purpose is to scam naive musicians into guilting their friends and family members into paying an exorbitant amount of money to see what is generally said band's first show.

The company that approached Luke was called MT Productions, and he knew instantly that they were a front for Gorilla Music Management, a company that is run out of town every so often. They obviously hadn't heard anything by Wind Does, which they really had no reason to do since they're only concerned with numbers.

So Luke agreed, making up a story about being a "Post-Shoegaze" band, with the intention of going up on stage and playing until they forced him to quit. A petty move, admittedly, but he knew he'd at least get a chance to try out some new material on a nice stage, and get a nice recording. The only trick, though, was to sell no tickets. If the company made any money, it would all be for nothing.

Luke asked a few friends whether or not they wanted to join him on stage and piss off a terrible "promoter," and everyone he asked gave a vehement "yes." Battles are terrible, and they weren't about to turn down a chance to be a thorn in their side, no matter how petty and silly.

After fielding two or three phone calls a week for two months, Luke making up story after story about why he wasn't able to sell any tickets, he and his team of misfits showed up to the venue on April 21st, 2013, ready to destroy.

Weeks prior, they'd formed a bit of a game plan. They agreed that while it'd be fun to just blast out unadulterated sound until the promoters finally cut the power, it'd be a missed opportunity not to use the opportunity to record something interesting.

Blueprint in hand (figuratively), their 30 minute time slot started, and the rest you can hear for yourself.

Well when word got out that this show was going to happen, and none of the band's friends were allowed to see it, obviously everyone wanted to see it. But if they attended, the production company would make money, and the purpose would be defeated. Luckily, Luke videotaped it. Unluckily, the tape skipped, and about the first 15 minutes were lost to the ages.

But Luke has edited the remaining footage into the video link to above.

At their friends' request, a second, real show was performed at The Sidewinder, in Denver Colorado, on May 4th. Cougar Pants, along with Salads and Sunbeams, opened, and the resulting performance is also featured above.


released December 12, 2013

Wind Does is Luke Hunter James-Erickson.

Teeth Eaters:
David Mead: Saxophone
Justine Sullivan: Oboe
Zack Low: Bass
David Castillo: Guitar
Tom Murphy: Guitar
Marcus Cheney: Samples/Drum Pad
Samantha Davis: Drums
Stuart Confer: Drums
Eric Ten Hoeve: Drums

Coordination/planning, recording, mixing, and drumming by
Luke Hunter James-Erickson

Album Art:
Creative Commons image edited by Luke Hunter James-Erickson.



all rights reserved


Wind Does Denver, Colorado

Listening to Drone and/or Noise Music is an exercise different from listening to many other forms of music. One has to give themselves to it in ways they may not be accustomed. Usually not having a set beat or rhythm, it is generally more meditative in nature. One has to let it wash over them, and hold little to no expectations for the form or structure they will encounter as the piece progresses. ... more

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